What does #NewStandard mean?

1. We brew real tea leaves and more…

All of our drinks are uses  only real tea leaves from Tea People. All of our teas are steeped in house, from premium loose leaf teas that we’ve sourced from around the world and some even blended ourselves.

2. Coffee is knows for many thing-but refreshment is not one of them. Until Now. 

What makes our coffees so refreshing and delicious is that we use traditional slow brewing methods.  In order to extract the best flavors, we understand it requires both time and patience.  After all, some of the best thing in life take time.

3. We use our own housemade syrups, no fructose.

We’ve crafted the perfect all natural brown sugar based sweetener for all of our milk teas. That means, you can indulge your sweet tooth while remaining fructose free.



We are giving a damn because we care so much about our drink. We source responsibly, pride ourselves on customer service, and care about what you think. We give 100% in everything we do: whether it’s making a cup of tea, brew our coffee, or milking a cow. Our fruits are real fruit, so is our drinks, imagine that! We don’t use any powders or weird syrups. Friends don’t let friends drink powdered fruit. #newstandard #drinkresponsible


Because we serve the best refreshing coffees &  teas in the world, We understand it’s a matter of personal preference, but we truly believe that we handcraft the best coffee & teas. Don’t take our word for it. Come give us a try. Our promise to you is that you will love your drink or it’s on the house.

P.S., While we know we won’t always do everything right – we are humans after all. Please know that we are committed to making it right. We genuinely value your feedback – be it negative or positive. So please let us know how we can serve you better.